How To Connect Blackberry Playbook to Computer with USB Cable

Sometimes you need to connect your Blackberry Playbook to your computer and transfer the data between those device. You can use USB cablet to connect Blackberry Playbook to your computer easily but you need a software that has already installed to your computer to detect it. The software is Blackberry Device Manager, you can download it through Blackberry website and install it. If you have connected your blackberry playbook already, after install the software there is a warning to disconnect first then connect it again so follow the instruction there. It is like iPad 2 you need to install iTunes then you can start transfer file to iPad 2, blackberry playbook vs ipad 2 it is the same way how to connect to your computer. But normally it is like a USB drive you can connect it as usually, you can browse what is inside blackberry playbook by open file explorer then there is a drive called “Playbook”. When you open it you can see what is inside then you can start your transfer file.


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